Private Label Manufacturer

Dearborn Sausage Co. is committed to producing the highest quality meat available, and that includes our private label products for restaurants, delis, stores and distributors. As a private label manufacturer, we have already done the heavy lifting – production planning, certification, quality assurance and more. Trust in our 70 years of experience manufacturing and selling some of the world’s finest quality franks and sausages. It will be a smooth process for all partners involved.

Bulk orders of 500–50,000 lbs can be produced and shipped every week. We will provide everything you need, including all required documentation and samples, to sell your own high-quality brand. Partner with Dearborn Brand and you will keep your production right here in Michigan, see customer loyalty improve and experience increased profits.

For more information, contact Dan Scanlon:

313.842.2375 ext. 3030