Quality Above All Else

For more than seven decades, Dearborn Brand has maintained a far-reaching reputation for excellence, while staying rooted in our community and workforce. We are a family business that has adapted with the changing times, expanding our state-of-the-art facility to 85,000 square feet, which is capable of producing large volumes and specialty Dearborn Brand or custom products. The people who enjoy our products and the people who work to produce them are our responsibility, and we make sure we take care of them by creating the highest grade meat in the finest, friendliest facilities.

We are proud to sell Dearborn Brand products in nearly 200 stores across Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Canada and a few spots in between. You can also find our products served in hotels, restaurants, golf clubs and sports stadiums across the region. Our primary retail and outlet store is located in the heart of Dearborn, with another eastside retail location in Roseville. As we keep our sights set on further expansion, our goals will remain the same: Maintain our reputation for consistently creating high quality goods, and take pride in our people and Metro Detroit roots.

Many of our products are specialty items inspired by the Hungarian heritage of our family, such as our Famous Spiral Sliced Ham, Kielbasa, Mini Stix and flavored jerkies. For the best quality meat, come to us for the classics and stay connected to learn what new items we’re serving up. You’re a part of our Dearborn Brand family and we want to see you for more than just the holidays.

From Our Family to Yours

Dearborn Brand has been passed down through three generations, beginning with European immigrant Victor Kosch. Through the hands of his son and grandson, Victor’s legacy of mindful quality and care has lived on through the changing times. We are eager to continue growing our company with his sage words always in mind:

“If you’re going to make fine sausages and hams,

then you’ve got to make them that way every time.”

We have built new walls and bigger facilities to accommodate our growth, but the dedication to our employees, packing partners and consumers will always be the most important mark of Dearborn Brand’s success. Our hearts’ blood flows from Hungary and our roots run deep in Dearborn. As we reach further to new locations, we never forget where we came from or what matters most: our people.